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The Guide To Giving Alcohol As A Gift

Holidays, as fun as they are, can also be stressful. Especially when you have to give gifts. Choosing a gift for every single friend and family member can make you feel really stressed. If you do not know them personally and what they like and what they are expecting to get, the situation could get worse. You want to give them the perfect gift to make them feel appreciated. But the problem is searching for the perfect gift. Sometimes you even have an idea about what to get, but then you find out it is already sold out and you are unable to find it anywhere, or you find out they already own the same thing. No one wants to be gifted the same thing. The best solution to all of these problems is alcohol. Gifting alcohol can never go wrong unless they do not drink. Receiving alcohol can make anyone happy and even if two people bring the same thing, it still will not be a waste or unappreciated. A bottle of liquor that could surprise them and delight them is not that hard to choose. All you need to find out is what type of liquor they prefer.

Make a List

The first step as usual is to do some research. Make a list of the people you want to give alcohol as a gift to. Call their friends and families or go to their social media and do a little stalking to find out what kind of booze they prefer. If the person is a fan of beer made in a traditional way, find out what the best craft beers are around your area and note it down on your list. If the person is a fan of wine, find out whether they like red wine or white wine. Your list should contain the names of your loved ones, what kind of alcohol they prefer, where to buy them and the perfect bottle to buy for them. 

Order and Buy

The next thing to do is order. Do not wait until the last minute but do not buy it a month before either. If you are planning to order online, it’s better to find out how long they take to ship. Most of the online shops have a selection of gift baskets, so you could take a look at them too. You should also know how to store them for a day or a few hours until you gift it. For an example, if you are buying craft beer, find out the right temperature for them and whether to store them in the freezer or not.

Write a Note

Make sure to write a message and put it in your gift basket or give it with your bottle. Words are a great way to express your love or gratitude or happiness. Don’t stress about what to buy, if this is appropriate or not, because alcohol will definitely be enjoyed by recipient.